January 15, 2013

Top Posts of 2012

2012 was not the greatest year for me.  I have to say, I'm really glad it's behind me.  I'm looking forward to reaching new goals and continuing to grow my tiny business.

Here are the top 8 posts of 2012 here at The Sweet Spot:

1.  Spring Love:  A follow-up quilled portrait to my Fall lady.  This is Spring.  She actually got the most views of any of my creations here at The Sweet Spot EVER!  I love how she turned out!

2.  Quilling 102:  Step by step instructions on how to create various "coils" in quilling.

3.  Lovely Lids:  A DIY tutorial on reusing old jar lids and making them into cute magnets and/or tacks.

4.  Quilling: Scrolls:  Step by Step instructions on how to create various "scrolls"in quilling.

5.  DIY Stitched Canvas Wall Art:  Full DIY tutorial on how to create your own unique canvas art.  

6.  How-to Paper Hydrangeas:  Here I share my technique on 3D paper hydrangeas with punched flowers.

7.  How-to Spring Wreath:  Make your very own Spring Wreath (with free printable).

8.  I miss my sister:  I found it interesting that this was on the list of top posts.  Here I just share some personal feelings about living far away from my sister and a card that was inspired by that fact.

Those are the top 8 posts of 2012!  There were only 8 because I had a really rough year health-wise and stress-wise.  I went long periods of times without any posts and even had to close shop a few times.   So, this is the last time I will be looking back!  I'm grateful for the challenges I was able to overcome and even more grateful for the opportunity to start a new year with a clean slate and more determination to continue being creative and challenging myself each day.

Thanks for following along on my journey!  It means the world to me!  Hope your 2013 is an amazingly SWEET one! ;)

For a look at last year's Top 10, click here.


  1. Yes, this is so true!! I love these tutorials... and also, your first one, the spring love, that's genius!!!


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