January 24, 2013

Quilled Hedgehogs and Beer

What a title, huh?  The more I quill, the more I realize how random I am.  It's pretty fun to be all over the place!

A few months ago I came across some awesome paper at The Paper Source.  I loved the colors on it and decided that I wanted to use it as an envelope liner for a card related to beer.  Now, not until about 3 years ago did I even drink beer.  I always thought it was really disgusting.  Turns out it's because my family has really bad taste in beer.  LOL!  A few friends introduced me to the wide world of beer.  Little did I know that it isn't just about nasty colorful cans, it is actually quite an intricate science.  I learned that I'm not fond of light colored beers.  I am, in fact, drawn to darker ales and stouts.  Who knew?  My two easy-to-find faves are Newcastle and Guinness.  But I'll settle for a Stella on a warm summer day (it's the only light-ish beer I'll drink).  Nothing more awesome than a good cold beer while watching a Yankee game or a great concert.

Anyway, I am by no means a "drinker".  But I have come to appreciate beer.  Therefore I used it to create a card that's perfect for friends and a great thank you for when someone has "done you a solid". (For those who don't know, "do me a solid" means do me a FAVOR.)

Find card here

* It has come to my attention that there is a show that uses this term a lot.  I have never seen it.  I guess I'm one of the few people on earth who has actually heard this phrase used in regular conversation.  Maybe it'll catch on now due to the show's popularity?

My second card is about hedgehogs.  I know that anyone out there who is a quiller has come across these critters a lot!  I never realized how cute they were.  Being that everyone is thinking about being lovey dovey these days, I thought it was a good time to put it up in the shop.

Nothing better than a love-filled hug.  Speaking of hugs... the weather here in NYC is ARCTIC!  I hope it's warmer in your neck of the woods.  I'm okay because I have lots of cuddling choices.  2 growing boys and 1 hubby.  Thankfully, I don't have to suffer through the cold!

Stay warm and sweet!


  1. Hey Sandy. Adorable hedgehogs. I too am always all over the place and random. I keep my family wondering about me...really! That's the first I've heard that term. I wouldn't say it to my family though. I'm sure they would think something else, if you know what I mean Vern:) I think the Arctic is making it's way here in TN tonight. Gonna bundle up. Following you through Bloglovin.

  2. solid is new to me. love your cards as always, and the envelope is nice touch to go with the mug.
    I to like dark beer, much better than the light!!
    stay warm and keep crafting!!

  3. Cute cards. Your hedgehogs are adorable.


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