January 5, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

So, my house is finally back in order after our guests departed.  My niece is settling in to her new room in NYC and the kids are back at school.  I'm feeling just a bit better (I think I set myself back with the OCD-indiced cleaning spree I went on yesterday) and I'm looking forward to new things.

This is one last look back at a great year of creativity and lots of learning.  Here are Sweet Spot's Top 10 posts from 2011:

10.  Back to the 80's.  A quick quilled look back into the past.

9.  Life is Sweet.  An international quilling blog hop with all things sweet.

8.  Challenge yourself this year.  (I'm so glad I did.)

7.  It's a nice day to start again.  More 80's love and some Billy Idol inspired quilling .

6.  Quilling 101.  A DIY class on basic quilling.  Soon to be followed up with Quilling 102. ;)

5.  Sweet Leaves.  A fall-inspired international quilling blog hop.  

4.  Hola and Hello!  My return after a two-month-long hiatus.  Thanks for the welcome back!

3.  How-to Pimp Your Mason Jars.  A DIY post of prettifying your mason jars.  

2.  DIY Quilling Tool.  Because you can never have too many!

1.  DIY Cork Stamps.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make it CUTE! 

Thank you all for making it a great year and I'm looking forward to new discoveries 
and lots more DIY's.  (Because I kind of get the feeling that you love them!)
Much SWEETNESS and love to you all for your awesome support.

Now, on to 2012!!


  1. Great Top 10, Sandy! Beautiful work, I just love number 5, Sweet leaves!!!

  2. Awesome top 10, also really like number 5 !!!!

  3. Great projects, Sandy! Life is sweet and the little cameras went to my heart! I am looking forward on what 2012 will bring here:)

  4. It was nice to look at your top 10 picks - I've enjoyed your reveals throughout the year and your cameras are so cute.
    hugs, antonella :-)


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