June 15, 2012

Spring Love

Have you ever surprised yourself?  Many times I have ideas in my head but they rarely execute exactly the way I envision them.  And, they pretty much NEVER exceed what's in my imagination.  I'm proud to say that this week that changed.  Remember how I talked about wanting to make a Spring-themed lady to follow my Autumn lady?  Well, this was the week!  I will be teaching an advanced quilling class at the Crop Shop in Hoboken, NJ on July 14th.  This is the project I will (try really hard) to help people complete:

Some details:
I used Pantone's Spring/Summer color palette and I was a little scared about it being too rainbow-bright-ish but I love the way it turned out.  It will eventually reside with my older sister, as my oldest sister was the recipient of the first quilled lady.  Keeping the pretty ladies in the family just seems right.

I have big plans for summer and winter themed ladies as well.  But, they are quite time-consuming so I need to pace myself.  Truthfully, I am so happy to be doing something straight out of my own imagination and not at someone else's request.  At times it feels kind of stressful to live up to other's ideas.

Speaking of others' ideas, I was asked to make a card based on another quiller's work.  She, unfortunately, does not ship internationally and suggested that the client search out another quiller to fulfill her order.  I was honored to be contacted and, after checking with the original designer, I am sharing my version of her idea.  Super cute idea and I added my own touch to it because I am really uncomfortable with copying.  The wording is French and says "Mom, you're the best."

I hope you have a super fantabulous weekend and enjoy smelling the beautiful Spring air!