April 11, 2012

How-to Spring Wreath

I shared a few pics of the wreath I made for my door a while back.  I originally wanted to share the tutorial with you all, but life gets in the way, you know?

Anyway, today I came across the pictures I had snapped and decided to create the post for you.

Here is what you will need:

  • Embellishments for flower centers
  • Glue dots
  • Pretty ribbon for hanging
  • Wreath form (can be found at most craft stores usually for no more than $2)
  • Colorful (or not) cardstock; you can also used patterned stock
  • Scissors
  • Permanent adhesive tape

And THIS  pdf file.

Print your file onto your colored cardstock.  You're going to need 10 sheets of flowers and 1 sheet of the leaves and the birds.  Cut out all your flowers and layer them one on top of the other by size, large to small.  Each flower is made up of an entire sheet's worth of blossoms.  So, one sheet per flower, unless you want small flowers.  

Before you start gluing them together you crimp the flower to give it some shape.  It makes the final blossom nice and puffy and pretty.  Embellish the centers with brads, sequins or pom-poms - GET CREATIVE. (I'm partial to the poms.)

Cut out your leaves and your birds and arrange on your wreath form.  For the birds I suggest a few layers of paper.  Perhaps a very thick cardstock and then top it off with a decorative piece of paper.  This ensures that the birds stand upright.

You can use any bright or soft colors you like.  You're only limited by your imagination!

P.S.  Your wreath WILL fade.  Direct sunlight has that effect on paper.  But, as mine has weathered it has a really nice vintage look that I love.  It's not bright anymore but it's still pretty.  If you want to prolong the color's life, you can use acid free paper and seal it with your favorite sealant.  

You can also purchase an entire wreath kit in my shop here.  
Everything already cut and everything (except glue) included.


  1. Very lovely wreath! Thank you very much for tutorial and pdf file!

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  3. I love this! Super cute and festive! Would be cool to make different ones for holidays.


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