Hello!  Welcome to the Sweet Spot!  My name is Sandy Diaz and I'm a paper addict.  (First step is admitting it, right?)

I learned how to quill in Junior High School art class and never forgot it.  My first project was a snowflake made out of construction paper.  I remember thinking it was so beautiful and so entertaining to make.

A few years ago I came across a Klutz book called "Twirled Paper".  It renewed my love for the art and made me realize that quilling is not all about flowers and snowflakes.  It can really be whatever you want it to be.

I love to take pictures of things I find interesting and beautiful.  It'd be awesome to take a photography course so I could actually learn to do it correctly, but the second I start to try and make sense of all the terminology, my mind checks out.

I'm a silly girl (as evidenced by my duck face) who loves pretty things and would much rather smile than give in to all the negativity (because that's too easy.)  I suffer from a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia and I talk about it sometimes here, but I'd much rather ignore the heck out of it and keep twirling my paper strips and creating crazy things to share with people who are equally as crazy as I am.

I also love sharing tutorials and DIY's with you all in hopes that I can coax the creativity out of those who claim they don't know how to be creative. (I'm not buying it!)

My only request is that you please not copy my designs or sell them as your own.  I strongly believe we all have amazing creative potential and there is never a need to rely solely on the imagination of others to fuel our own creativity.  So please, come over, get inspired, leave your comments and create to your hearts content, but don't copy cuz it ain't cool!

Thank you and I hope you can make every day a SWEET one!

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