February 11, 2013


You know, I wish people would really think long and hard about what it feels like to be imitated without wanting to be.  It is normal that we seek out people whom we'd like to be like.  But it is also important that we remember that everyone is an individual.

I have been copied time and time  and time again and I can't stress to all of you how absolutely UNFLATTERING it is.  Instead of feeling inspired, people have directly ripped off my designs and then acted as if they were the clever ones.

The wonderful artist Amna Al Fardh  just informed me that the Spring lady portrait that I created was not only copied, but then the person was thanking people for their compliments of "her work".  SERIOUSLY?!

If only she had contacted me and asked and then given proper credit for the idea, this wouldn't even be an issue.  Once again, I am truly disheartened at the lack of integrity that exists in the so-called "creative" quilling community.

If the sole purpose of you visiting my blog or shop is to copy my designs, I BEG you, please don't bother to follow me.  I am not the only person who feels this way.  A true artist knows how many hours  and feelings and emotions are involved in creating original content.  I have read countless blog posts on the same subject matter.  It is NOT flattering at ALL!  It is intrusive and disrespectful and disheartening. Copying an artist does not make you an artist,  It makes you a copycat!

As the picture shows, this isn't me overreacting. Mine is the one on top. This person purposefully and willingly sat down and completely copied my design and then proceeded to call herself an artist and take credit for the work.  Instead of creating something out of her own imagination and truly being inspiring, she chose to take the easy route and just sit back and do what's been done.

To my fellow quillers; do you not appreciate when other quillers share tutorials and techniques?  Do you not appreciate when works are shared for inspiration?  If this practice continues, no one will EVER want to share their work or ideas or techniques because they'll be too worried that someone else will then lay claim to their ideas.  And, to be honest, I think I have had my fill of copycats.  At this point, I regret ever sharing anything!

As Amna put it, "I honestly feel bad for you Sandy because your designs are the most copied over the net from what I observed the past few years."  Perhaps someone else may be flattered by that fact, but I am not and I have never invited that kind of attention.  I have always had my copyrights clearly on my blog and, I now have watermarks on all of my pictures.  This is completely unacceptable.

UPDATE:  This is what the person claimed, followed by my response. Please note that there was absolutely no mention of her copying it from anywhere AND she is one of my followers, she could easily have sourced it!   So, I'm not buying her story.