May 25, 2011


Oh boy, what a day!!  I have had many a thing to do.  Not to mention that I am still healing from having a wisdom tooth extraction - NOT FUN!!

I love sharing my projects and creations, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I encountered a copy-kitten. I am not a cat person, so I refuse to say copy-cat.  Besides, it sounds nicer anyway.  Well, today I encountered a whopper of a copy-kitten.  And, although everyone says I should be flattered...I SOOOO AM NOT!!  Look, I know that on the internet there is rarely anything that hasn't been copied or modified somehow.  I get that, you put your stuff out there and somebody "creative" (NOT) decides that they'll sit back and do everything you do.  Well, I'm not very cool with that.  Sorry.

I decided to contact the person and they haven't responded.  I am really hoping that they come to their senses.

Anyway, I decided to "copy" the copy-kittens work and show you mine in comparison.  Mine are all on the right.  What do you think?  Should I be upset?  Please don't say I should be flattered...

There were actually 2 more but I'm really tired and my mouth is throbbing...and I have to pack!!!  Remember that Bollywood party?  Well, it's THIS weekend!!  WOOT WOOT!  It's also my 13 year anniversary.  So I have lots of fun to look forward to if my tooth (actually, my extraction site) decides to behave.  I'm looking forward to your feedback and want to know what would YOU do??

Keep it sweet, but NEVER copy ;)