February 21, 2013

Look at the stars...

That's an excerpt from the song "Yellow", by Coldplay.  My hubby has always loved that song, but I haven't.  I always thought Chris Martin sounded like he was singing in the shower.  And then, at my first-ever Coldplay concert, I "got" it.  And I actually cried.  I guess being there live and feeling his emotion when he sang the song made it "click" for me.

A few months ago we attended our second-ever Coldplay concert here in Brooklyn at the new Barclay's Center.  Again, it was magical.  Chris may not be the most skilled singer, but, for me, the emotion and energy he puts into his songs and performances has quickly made the band one of my top 5 favorites.

Music is and always has been a sort of fuel for me, especially creatively.   Yesterday I was on my monthly Target haul (you know, soap, shampoo, detergent...blah blah) and I came across a quilt I loved.  It's not super bright but it is colorful and I quickly made up excuses in my head to purchase it.  (Have you guys checked out the new "Threshold" brand?  Sheesh!  It's gonna make me really broke!) Turns out that I got 2 free $5 Target gift cards and I had cash in my pocket. (I can excuse a purchase if I use cash.)  So I decided to get it.  I'd been wanting to change up my room a bit because at this point in the winter I start to get real antsy for Spring to come.   (How on earth am I gonna mesh Coldplay and a quilt?)  LOL!  Hold on!

Okay, so I decided that I needed something special and meaningful for my room.  So I took an old Ikea frame I've had for well over 10 years and I created some Typographical art in it to match the quilt.  And guess what I put in there?  Yup!  Coldplay's "Yellow".  I chose "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you".  Hubby and I had decided on this lyric a while back and had originally wanted to purchase wooden letters and paint them and mount them up on the wall (work) but (this is a long story...) I contacted a seller on etsy that had customizable typefaces and they never got back to me, so the idea fizzled out... until yesterday.

Best part is that it was.... FREE!  Woot Woot!  I'm on a free rampage lately.  Why not use crap you already have peeps?

So, I used my Silhouette and cut out the letters in 3 different typefaces along with some stars.  My fave is the word "shine" because it's in a metallic grey paper and when you stand at the right angle it's really shiny (it's the little things). :)

The 3 fonts used were "Billabong", "Zapfino" and "Special Elite".  All free fonts I got either from google or Dafont.

Bed from Ikea, Shams and Pillows from West Elm  & Quilt from Target

I think I have to go back and choose a darker paper for the word "stars", but for now I'm happy to have a fresh new look in my room.  Here are some pics from the concert that I never shared with y'all because the day after was when we were all struck with the Plague of 2013.  

Any new paper-centric decorating happening in your end of the globe?  I hope you're warm and snow-free.  But if not, put on some Coldplay and you should warm right up! ;)  Stay Sweet!

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