February 28, 2012

A bit down in the dumps - A Truth Tuesday Post

I have to be honest.  Some days I feel like deactivating my blog and my shop.  Today is one of those days. I sat at my desk to work on a custom order and listing and had a message on etsy.  I read it and it was a fellow etsian alerting me that there is a new shop that is copying some of my designs.

It isn't the first time.  But I have been here for over 2 hours and it is much worse than I thought.  In these few hours of investigative work I have found another 5 of my designs copied and 4 are being sold!  What to do?  I feel sad and a bit defeated.

People say I should be flattered but it kind of feels like I'm having something really precious taken away from me.  Doesn't help that I don't feel well either.  :(  I just wanna sit and sulk and cry.  Is that too honest?

Anyway, here, see for yourselves:

So, what do I do?  At this point I really don't know anymore.

So, here is my truth.  I think Copycats are thieves and I wish I had the energy to go after them right now and make them see how serious their transgressions are and how sad and broken hearted they make me feel.

Where is the basic human etiquette and consideration?  If I decide to do something, do you really HAVE to follow suit and try to ride my coattails.  Do you really think that you will feel good about success that doesn't come directly from your own creations?  Seriously?!

Well, I guess the best thing would be for me to just walk away from this computer right now and go spend time with what really matters.  My kids.  They always make me smile even on the worst day.

I sincerely hope your is much better than mine! (I mean that.)