November 14, 2011

Happy Monday!

It is quite the beautiful Fall day here in NYC.  After that freak snowstorm we had it seems that the weather has been trying to make nice.  Let's hope it stays that way!

My weekend was full of leaves. But, not quilled ones this time.  We did some much-needed back and front yard cleanup.  I got pricked by dried up rosebush branches and even bled for the sake of having a decent yard next Spring.  Lets' hope it was worth the sacrifice. ;)  Hee Hee

I created a few new cards but today I will only share one.  I am going to try and be smart and share one thing at time just incase I run out of things to write about.  This way I can fall back on my projects and always have something to share.

I got this guy out of my handy dandy book of ideas.  I didn't exactly know what design I was going to use for him but I knew it had to be original.  When I first started out on etsy I used to use patterns from books I had purchased.  But, slowly I have tried to replace all of those designs with some of my own.  I like knowing that I am the original creator of these patterns.

Meet Elly:

Find Elly here

I want to share one more pic of my friends' ear. Hee hee.  I made her a pair of my paper flower blossom earrings and she is the first person whose picture I could get with them on.  I think they look so awesome! (I may be partial, though.)  Made me giddy.

I am making many more to put up in the shop.  The pic was the boost I needed.  It's hard sometimes to make things and sell them but never really see them on anyone you know.  Here I have a set of 3 listed.  I am thinking about making more sets and also selling them in single pairs.

I hope the rest of your week treats you SWEETLY! ❤❤❤


  1. Thatz Awesome!!!! Both Elly and Ear rings are pretty...........


  2. I want this little jumbo in my backyard, this instance! :D Hahahahahaha! Lovely one Sandy!

  3. Both are cute..And the contrast colour on the earrings will definitely capture other people's attention..

  4. the elephant is so cute, and love the earings !!!


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