November 9, 2011

DIY Quilling tool

I'm so happy that I decided to concentrate on one of the least expensive paper crafts out there.  It's been to my advantage that all I need are a few household items and some colored paper to create beautiful and fun things.

But, you know how I am.  Somehow I always find a way to be drawn to the absolute most expensive things no matter how simple they may be.  I have about 7 quilling tools, all (with the exception of 1) less than $4 each.  But, guess which one is my favorite?  Yep, the ONE that cost about 8 times the price of a regular tool.  :/  Oh, Sandy, what am I gonna do with you?

My favorite tool is in perfect shape but something inside me wants to purchase a bunch more, you know, just in case.  Just incase what?  I don't know.  But there is no way I can purchase a bunch more of them for no reason.  So, today I decided to make my own tool to quell my desire for a new gadget.

Made with basic household items this tool won't set you back very much.  What's more, you can probably make yourself a whole hoard of them, if you like.  Everybody has a hoarding gene, don't lie!

You will need: 

  • a super strong adhesive
  • some basic hand needles
  • a wire cutter
  • some corks...YAY for corks (and Brooklyn Lager)!
  • a file to file down the edge of the needle (sorry I forgot to include it in the pic)
  • some paper strips to test your tool

First, choose the sturdiest needle in the pack with the largest opening.

Slide it into the cork right down the middle.  Once you have your opening, apply a dab of the adhesive to the end of the needle and slide it back in.  Wait for it to dry.

Once dry, snip the end of the needle with the wire cutter. 
 It may require some pressure and a bit of wiggling but no worries, it'll snip.
File down the edge so you won't get cut.  You can even use sandpaper.

Now lets test your strips.  You can cut strips of any paper with and tool you prefer.  Be it a ruler and some scissors, a paper cutter or, my recent personal favorite, a mini paper shredder.

Insert the strip into the opening, twirl and release from tool.

Have fun and create to your heart's content!

Each quilling tool produces unique results.  For more, see my post here.

Happy Wednesday to you all!