November 16, 2011


I am slowly going through all of my designs and revamping anything that uses a pattern not created by me. I redid my Get Well Frog Card to this:

From this:

And this week I redid my Domo Arigato Thank You Card from this:

To this: 

The previous designs are from my favorite quilling book Twirled Paper, which rekindled my love for quilling.  I opened my shop up in 2008 after having a surplus of cards at home and I have learned a lot of things along the way.  Most important of all is to be true to yourself and do what feels authentic to you.  Today I'd never intentionally copy anyone else's designs no matter how amazing I think they may be because I know what goes in to the process of creating original things.  I feel much prouder of the things I can truly say I've created from start to finish.

This week there was another post on one of the quilling groups on Facebook where one quiller was copied by another and was (understandably) upset.  It's happened to me and I was (and still am) very upset.  Especially because that person never acknowledged my attempts to communicate.  I don't think people really understand how intimate the creative process can be.  So when you are copied and then not even given credit, it is a big blow.

So, with this post I want to motivate everyone to create from the depths your OWN fabulous imagination.  We are all unique and amazing individuals and we all have a sense of creativity.  There is no need EVER to copy anyone's work.  Like I've always said, it's one thing to get inspired, it's a whole other thing to blatantly copy.  You'll feel much better about yourself and your work if it is truly your own.  And I can say that from my own experience.  ;)  I am super grateful to the author of Twirled Paper, Jacqueline Lee, for inspiring me to create my Sweet Shop and motivating me to find a place for creating in my life. 

Next up are Franny the Flamingo and Perry the Peacock.  Why the names?  No idea!  But they are also from the book and they need to get sweet-ified!  

A SWEET evening to you all!


  1. Sandy, I agree with you. It's nice to be an inspiration to someone and to get inspired by someone else but we all have to know where to draw a line.
    By the way :) I like your revamped cards. Looking good.


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