March 27, 2013

Vintage is Modern

I always say I was meant to have been born in another era.  I absolutely LOVE mid-century styles. I always have.  They were not afraid of beautiful, bright colors. Cut to the late 70's (when I was born) where everything was so depressingly muted and melancholy.  Definitely born at the wrong time!

I would LOVE to have a retro kitchen with colorful appliances like these.  (The blue and the green are my FAVORITES!) But, alas, I have to make due with what I have.  So, I add little touches here and there to keep my home happy and bright. (I'm working on sewing a polka-dotted kitchen curtain out of a way-too-hard set of sheets I bought.)

I also got these cuties on etsy the other day:

Mason salt & pepper shakers here
Perhaps you have been able to tell by some of my tutorials that I love Mason Jars?  I guess it's because of the retro vibe they have but even more so because they are super practical and affordable.  Ever served yourself a drink that you didn't finish?  Well, put the lid back on and store it in the fridge.  In my house we use them as cups as well as storage containers.  Nope, I have yet to actually use these canning jars for canning.  Maybe one day.  Some of my friends and family find it weird, as they are not "proper" cups.  But, who said we have to be proper?  I like 'em and it's my house, right?!

So, I found out that Ball Jars released limited edition Blue Mason Jars and I went on a mission to find them.  Blue is one of my favorite colors so I had to have these.  And, since they're limited edition, I had to jump on it fast.  I know I'm not the only mason jar lover out there (hello, all of Brooklyn).  So, SCORE!  I got 'em here.  They are much darker than they appear on the website (which I'm happy about).  I didn't want the washed-out effect you can get with paint.

This isn't the only area where I'm more retro than modern (though, at this point they are one in the same).  I have always had a love of ankle-straps and maryjanes.  I even remember buying maryjane shoes when I was in grade school.  I dunno what it is but I just really like them.  I have to work on getting some more colors but the practical (read: boring) side of me justifies shoes that are black or grey or brown because they "go with everything".  I gotta get over that.

No, I don't normally take pictures of my shoes.  I was cleaning out my closet and decided to snap a pic when I realized just how many of my shoes look the same.  What can I say? I'm consistent!

And, it doesn't stop there, I love a-line dresses and cardigans and black liquid eyeliner.  Okay, enough about my mistaken birth year, I also have a little card I came up with.

It's not really new.  The saying is, but the camera is more "adjusted".  My original holga cameras are a bit too high to fit into the envelope comfortably, so I decided to flatten the lens part a bit.  I also realized that I didn't have anything purple in my shop so I had to change that stat.

March is almost over and I'm still waiting for it to "go out like a lamb".  I think most people are!  I mean, snow and freezing temps have made it quite the lion.  (I could get really cheesy here, but I will refrain.)

Here's to April showers and, even better, May flowers!  WOOT WOOT! I'll be back soon with some more shares and a cute tutorial on something you might just be able to put inside say... a mason jar?  LOL.


 I'm really flattered and humbled if you like my designs.  But, please refrain from copying or replicating any of my cards/designs/phrases in any way without prior explicit permission and/or proper accreditation.  I do NOT ever grant permission to anyone to use or replicate my designs for profit or sale.  Please respect my art and my ideas.  I am more than happy to share ideas and inspire, but I am not okay with being copied.  Thank you!  I really appreciate your integrity.


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  1. like the mason jars, specially in blue, good for drinking Ice tea in. I also tend to buy same style of shoesI have several but end up wearing my comportable tennis shoes,lol.
    love the camera !!!


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