March 20, 2013

Us against the world

I promised I'd share some pics of another paper art project I created for my room.  In true Sandy fashion, it's another quote from a Coldplay song.  Last year, on our anniversary, hubby gave me a card with a hot air balloon on it and wrote some of the lyrics to this song.  Being that we got married really young, we've seen our fair share of chaos swirl around us.  But, it's still us against the world, hopefully forever.  In 2 more months we'll be married 15 years!!  YIKES!  Where in the world has time gone?

Here's a pic of the project:

If you'd like to make your own (I promise, it's super easy) all you need is some pretty paper and a font you love.  I Mod Podged different squares from my paper stash onto a cardboard backing in a (sort of) quilt style.   I had cut the backing to the size of my frame.  The frame (which is super old) was collecting dust behind my bed because the glass broke a long time ago.  But, being that the paper was sealed with the Mod Podge, I don't have to worry about it getting ruined.  The benefits of this stuff are many!

I then cut out the lyrics for the song from my Silhouette, using a free font I downloaded from DaFont called "Always in my Heart" (how fitting).  If you don't have a Silhouette, I'm sorry!  LOL!  You can brave it and cut the font out with scissors or a kraft knife by printing it on some card stock.  But I don't have that kind of skill or patience! Then you just simply slap on a ton more Mod Podge onto the letters (and under and next to) to adhere them to the background.  I gave it two coats to seal because I like to play with glue like that.  And then I had fun peeling the remnants from my hands, like you do in kindergarten.  I never intend on growing up, get used to it!

Two weekends ago we took on a little project of repainting an Ikea bed that was given to us.  Up until then we were sleeping on a full-sized (or, double) bed.  You don't know what you're missing if you've never had it.  But, BOY, what a major improvement it is to be sleeping on a queen-sized bed.  It provides just enough extra space without it feeling like you are sleeping alone.

Bed- Ikea (no longer available in this style),
Curtains, Duvet & Small Pillow - Target Threshold Brand,
Shams - West Elm
The bed used to be Ikea's "black/brown" color but I wanted something more fun.  I decided on green.  I used Martha Stewart's "Bay Leaf" and I really love it!  We simply sanded the bed down with some fine sand paper, wiped it clean and started painting.  The paint did have primer mixed in so, it took about 3 coats to get a nice even finish.

My son is the lucky recipient of our old bed (which is actually still pretty new) as we have decided to give them each their own room.  But, I'm gonna make them work for it for just a little while longer. ;)  (That's what good parents do!)

I'm currently working on some orders and I'm hoping to get most of them out by this afternoon.  In other words, I gotsta go!

Here's one last pic of part of an order that is going out as I thought it was fitting for this post, because love is all you need!

Card available here


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  1. Cute project sandy! It kills me how creative you are. What a priviledge it is to personally know such an artist!


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