April 30, 2013

April Showers & May Flowers

Boy, did April fly outta here! I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted.  I'm so sorry for neglecting you all.  Here's what April was like for me:
  • I spent most of April working on a project I can't yet share. (But it is SO pretty!)
  • It finally decided to be Spring! (Yay!)
  • I made a nook in my garage for potting my plants.
  • I decided to take the leap and apply for my first low-key local craft fair.
  • I discovered the town that was able to steal my monogamous heart from NYC!
  • I was introduced to my new favorite cupcake shop. (here)
  • I come bearing gifts. ;)

That's a lot, right?  The shop was closed for a few weeks because I really needed to concentrate on what I was doing (it was a book project - shhh).  Much to my delight, the project turned out a lot like I had envisioned it.  Best part is that I learned a few new things I can share with you over the next few weeks.  (Spoiler Alert: I will be sharing a detailed post on fringing flowers within the next few days.)

Hubby and I are in desperate need of a vacation, but it ain't happening!  So, we had a "stay-cation" weekend.  We spent Saturday in Brooklyn at our favorite park.  On Sunday, we drove up to the Hudson Valley to check out a town that my mother-in-law has been talking about.  She's been saying that it has us written all over it.  Well, we had to see that for ourselves.

This is what I thought:  For the first time in my entire life, I felt the desire to move away from NYC!  I am still reeling from that reaction, but it's been a few days and the desire is only getting stronger.  It's a gorgeous little town called Beacon, and the views were so spectacular that I couldn't even bother to take as many pics as I usually do.  It was like I had to soak it all in real-time and not through a lens.  The town has everything I love.  The perfect blend of nature, history, charm and city.  Gorgeous mountain views right by the water.  An artsy town with down-to-earth family-oriented people.  Adorable charming little houses.  I can go on...

I spent a long while chatting with the shop owner at Hudson Beach Glass.  She was so helpful, honest and informative.  I tell you, I can't stop thinking about this little city.  Best part?  I can drive into my concrete jungle in about an hour's time.  How perfect is that?

We had the best food experience at The Hop and were treated to free live-music as we sat there, smelled the breeze (and the cheese) and sipped on some pretty delicious craft beer.  Hubby and I just kept looking at each other in disbelief.  Like, "Could this really be it?"  I really hope so! Oh, and most people here aren't 20 and from Minnesota (nothing against Minnesota, but Brooklyn is looking less and less like Brooklyn every time I go - had to get that out!).

Only time will tell if the move is possible.  For now, I have to remain content with what I have and work towards what may be in the near(ish) future.

Here are a few April pics from my (private) Instagram feed:

First row:  1-Me, hubby and one twin, 2-Brooklyn Bridge
Second Row:  Chalk on Brick Wall, 2 - A BFF, Hubby and a twin
Last Row - A random wedding of a ballerina, and her beau,
 a biker taking in the view, and Tillary Street by the Brooklyn Bridge

My potting station, blooming lilacs, sprouting hydrangeas, buttercups and blue skies.

Beacon, New York
Eggs over Polenta at The Hop

As a peace offering, I am sharing a free desktop wallpaper with you all.  It's my first time doing this and I tried to make as many resolutions as possible.  I'm so sorry I have been away from my blog, but I'm also really happy that some things have changed inside of me; and I actually feel a bit hopeful (something that has been missing in me for a while).

Click on your screen's resolution for download:

Enjoy the wallpaper and, most of all, enjoy every single day of May - rain or shine!

Plus, always stay Sweet!

 I'm really flattered and humbled if you like my designs.  But, please refrain from copying or replicating any of my cards/designs/phrases in any way without prior explicit permission and/or proper accreditation.  I do NOT ever grant permission to anyone to use or replicate my designs for profit or sale.  Please respect my art and my ideas.  I am more than happy to share ideas and inspire, but I am not okay with being copied.  Thank you!  I really appreciate your integrity.


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