February 27, 2013

On the Table

I've been working on some orders and I've also been taking time to jot down new ideas.  I'm kind of starting to get bored of making the same cards over and over again.  I'm super happy that people love them, but I need change.

And, to be honest, I've been really bummed about continually finding my designs all over the internet being sold by others.  I've even entertained the idea of closing shop/blog/social media.  But I know that wouldn't make me happy and I think I'd feel even more defeated if I did that.  I just feel like Beyonce who was quoted the other day as saying "I'm an artist, I'm sensitive about my {stuff}!"  (Though, she didn't say "stuff".)  I am really sensitive about it and I cant pretend that I am not.  It would be dishonest for me.

We'll see what happens...  I have some funny cards in my head (and on my phone's notepad) and hope to be taking the time out to make them happen soon.

Here is what's "on the (work) table".  There's a song by A.C. Newman with that title.  It's what I thought about before I wrote the post.

These bridesmaid cards have been a huge hit.
This order was a custom order of assorted colors.  
I had fun picking the coordinating colors and patterns for the envelope linings.

This was a 5 for $30 deal.  I think it's a great deal (but maybe I'm partial).

In happier news, I just came back from my backyard and I saw all the buds starting to come up and life being breathed back into the garden.  But, I also saw that I have a LOT of work to do back there!  I am SO looking forward to Spring.  

I hope that none of you are of the unfortunate many that are buried under multiple feet of snow.  But if you are, lift up your heads, your liberation is near! ;)

Stay Sweet my peeps!!


  1. Oooh, I love them!!!! So Clean and Simple but very adorable!!!!

  2. your cards are awesome as always, dont give up on your passions, yes its ashame others copy, because they dont have the mind to be as creative !!!


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