February 28, 2013

Princess Bride and Kisses

Sometimes I feel like a contradiction onto myself.  I can be really girlie but I hate super girly stuff.  Doesn't really make sense, right?  I love pretty things and flowers and, yes, I admit I even love me some Hello Kitty (in moderate doses) but puffy and pink and sparkly makes me kind of wanna barf.

Onto my conundrum.  I was asked to make some cards for a princess-themed nail salon.  Mind you, I think that this nail salon idea is super cool as it's for people who should still believe in princesses.  It's a mani-pedi pampering place for little girls.  (More info here.)  Super cute.  Now, if it were for full-grown crazy women stuck in their childhood, I'd totally have peaced-out and passed on the opportunity.

So, I was given a few ideas by the client, but I still felt a little bit stuck... until I remembered "The Princess Bride"!  Now THAT is my kind of princess story.  If you haven't watched it yet, stop reading this post and do it!

Okay, so, here are 2 of the 6 cards I made for this theme.  I don't recall any frog princes in the movie, but frog princes and princesses quintessentially belong together.

There are more princesses in different colors and hairstyles, but pink seemed to be the leading lady.  Can you guys believe that tomorrow is March 1st?!  WHAAAAA?????

Stay Sweet (and, if need be, say princess-y)!

 I'm really flattered and humbled if you like my designs.  But, please refrain from copying or replicating any of my cards/designs/phrases in any way without prior explicit permission and/or proper accreditation.  I do NOT ever grant permission to anyone to use or replicate my designs for profit or sale.  Please respect my art and my ideas.  I am more than happy to share ideas and inspire, but I am not okay with being copied.  Thank you!  I really appreciate your integrity.



  1. I love the frog design! Considering the conundrum, you did an excellent job.

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  2. After seeing this lovely cute princess its hard to belive you hate pinks...

  3. there sooo adorable, love them both !!!!

  4. So very cute and there's lots of work in those cards! I've never seen The Princess Bride, but this is the second time today I read a rec for it, so off to Netflix I go...


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