January 28, 2013

Love and Songs

It's no secret that music fuels my creativity.  My mom is usually surprised by all the songs I know, and can recite, word for word.  There isn't just one type either.  It's a mish mosh of generations and genres that can make me happy or melancholy in an instant.

I guess that has to do with being part of the "MTV" generation.  So sad that youngins today get this MTV.  It's not even music television.  Anyway, here are two new cards I designed, both using lyrics of songs I shouldn't know, based on my age, but I am very familiar with them anyway.

An ode to the Beatles, which I kind of love to hate:

Card available here

I made that outer heart shape well over a year ago.  I was hanging up on a little tree in my studio.  Yesterday I was kinda down in the dumps, so I decided to finally make this card, which had been printed out and patiently waiting for a really long time.  All those colors make me smile.  And, it also makes me think of that song from Les Miserables "A heart full of love".  I tell you, I have a full-blown radio station up in my head.

Next card is an ode to the Doors, which were over before I was born.  Boo!  

Card available here

Most people are feeling lovey dovey these days.  But, I feel lovey dovey all year long.  I don't need the calendar to tell me when to send a card or let someone know I love them and I'm thinking about them.  Every day is a special occasion peeps!

I have a few other new cards that I've listed, or will be listing soon.  I'm also working on a few DIY's that I'd love to post soon, if only the sun would shine bright enough for me to take some decent pictures!  (Come on SUN!) 

I hope you're warm and toasty, wherever you are!  As always, stay sweet!


  1. Creative as always! The card inspired by The Doors song is brilliant!

    Happy Quilling!

  2. woow, so beautiful Sandy!! I love the colors too!!


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