February 1, 2013


My mom has this saying that she always uses with me.  It's in Spanish, she says: "Cuando no estas presa, te andan buscando."  Loosely (and not literally) translated, that means that when I'm not under arrest, I am being sought.  I am on the most wanted list for craziness.

I was fine on Monday, and then BAM, I caught the second flu that is gracing NYC.  The dreaded stomach flu.  BLAH! (That is literal.)  I have to say, I take delirium and fever and coughing up a lung over puking my head off any day.

Anyway, thankfully it was only a 48 hour thing and I figured out how to help myself because I was quickly becoming dehydrated.  I try, as much as possible, in my delicate state (of chronic pain) to stay away from medicines and chemicals.  I am just not a fan of all the side effects and other issues caused by traditional medicine.  I have enough issues.  I didn't want Kaopectate or Milk of Magnesia.  I wanted something natural that would heal me and not just cover up one bad thing with another (namely, chemicals).

So, I looked online and figured out how to make natural Gatorade, aka electrolyte drink.  It was easy enough for me to clumsily mix together in my fog brained, fatigue laden state.  So, I'm sharing the recipe so that you too can make it and stay away from all the "Red No. 9's" and partially hydrogentated whatevers.

"Natural Electrolyte Drink"
1 Quart of filtered water (I prefer cold water to tepid water when I am nauseous - but that is up to you)
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice (can be from concentrate if you have no other choice)
1/3 cup raw honey (must be raw)
1/2 tsp. sea salt (must be sea salt)

Mix everything together and make sure the honey and salt are dissolved.  Drink at your leisure, but DRINK IT!  Have a banana or some toast (if you can) and stay hydrated.  AND REST, you want this thing to go away as soon as possible! (TRUST!)

Another alternative is to drink coconut water.  I tried that also and I must say it quickly alleviated my stomach cramps (which were driving me bonkers) and my headache.  It's cool, refreshing AND good for you.

So there, now you know what to do if the bug gets you.

Moving on:  Here are two more new cards I designed and listed recently.  I really love quilling, but lately the whole card thing is kind of not doing it for me like it used to.  I hope it's a phase...

 find card here

find card here

I got more supplies for calendars so, if you're a procrastinator, don't miss out and order your now!  I can make it start on any month you choose (cuz I'm cool like dat).

find calendar here

Now I will get back to painting.  I am DIY-ing a super cute dish soap dispenser because I am tired of refilling the little tiny one I have had for years.  If all goes well, I will share pics and how-to's next week.  I got the idea from Craftgawker, but you know me, I had to change it up.

Have a wonderful weekend, my SWEET peeps!

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  1. glad you are feeling better and thanks for the remedie, your cards are so cute as always !!!


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