September 25, 2012

Two Ewes

Or, to youse (the New York plural of "you").  I had a card in my shop back in the day with a similar sentiment but it was too close to the pattern in my favorite quilling book.  I deactivated the listing a long time ago and last week I decided to redo my ewe.

Here she is:

Available here

And here is another variation of the card in different colors:
Available here

I love her fluffiness!  I am concentrating on creating new inventory and I hope to get that craft fair done. You know, the one I challenged myself to be part of?  Let's hope it happens.  2012 is ending and I really want to accomplish the goals I set for this year.

I was introduced to this quote the other day and I decided to write it above one of my quilled pieces.  I love it very much and I think we all need to remember this.  

Happy last week of September! ;)


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