October 2, 2012

It's October! (yay)

See those small letters up there saying "yay"?  It's much more like yay!  I'm happy that there are only 29 days left.  I hope it hurries up and gets the heck out.  I don't know why but I have always hated October.  But I've abundantly shared my aversion to Fall on this blog in the past so I will move forward.

I've been sort of busy.  Trying to distract myself.  Came up with a few new designs thanks to ideas from customers to which I've added my own twist.  I have the best customers EVER! Creative and funny types.  I love that.  There are even a few out there who e-mail me with ideas.  Awesome, right?

Here are the new designs:

Otters available here

Get whale soon here

Hello Cupcake here

This last design is actually a reminder to all of you ladies who follow my blog.  October is breast cancer awareness month and we'll all do well to make sure our bodies are healthy so we can have a long life ahead with our loved ones.  My grandmother ignored a lump in her breast and she is no longer with us because of it.  Had she only gotten care early, she'd still be here.  Don't do that to your family, friends, kids, husband.... anyone.

I had a scare just a few months ago and I have to go follow-up this month.  I'm hoping it's still nothing but even if it isn't, I'll fight like a girl with my pink boxing gloves and try my best to beat it!

A sweet week ahead to all of you and make sure you make that appointment!  It's worth a little squeezing to have a longer life!