September 24, 2012

Red Balloons

I designed a new card that started out in my head completely differently than it ended up.  But I think I like it!  

Card available here

The red balloon usually symbolizes dreams or perpetual childhood.  But I found a quote from another blog of a woman who suffers from CFS.  In her blog she quotes a writer who says "Imagine that you are blowing into a large red balloon. You are going to breathe all your stress into this balloon. Each time you breathe out, the balloon gets bigger. It is filling up with all your negative feelings. Anger, fear, hopelessness, grief, despair, are all blown into the balloon. As the balloon gets larger, imagine you are tying it at the neck. Now let it go so it can start to float away. On each out- breath it goes further up into the sky, until you can't see it any more. Now, on each in- breath, breathe peace and calm into your body until it fills your whole being with relaxation." - From the book Beat Fatigue With Yoga by: Fiona Agombar

Can you see why I had to create a card with red balloons?  It's usually one, but for anyone who constantly battles a chronic condition, there are many more than one dream that seem impossible to achieve.  But, like the child, we need to remain hopeful and believe that there is more to life than pain.

I have found that yoga exercises are very helpful in making the body less stiff and more limber and they aid in relaxation, which is always good.  However, as the years progress and I continue to fight this illness, it can seem like there is no way to ever really feel physically whole again.  But I do have faith that it will all change soon. - Isaiah 33:24

I hope you like it and I feel that the red balloon will be making many more appearances at Sweet Spot Card Shop in various forms.

There are a few more new cards coming to the shop soon.  Stay tuned for updates.  And I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you!




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