June 13, 2012

More paper fashion

I had no intention of writing a post today  But I just stopped by my friend Melanie's blog and saw her latest creation.  She had mentioned she was making a paper can-can dress for display at a museum and I was excited to see it. But I am blown away!  It's all paper and glue, people!

Melanie (whom I featured here) is not a seamstress and she is also a self-taught paper artist.  Check out some of these pics:

Photo credit: Melanie Mercado

For more info on her process check out her post here.  

Melanie and I applied for the Renegade Craft Fair this year together.  We were both wait-listed but never heard back from the fair.  If you ask me, they missed out!  LOL!  But we both intend on attending.  For more info check out the badge on my sidebar (cuz I'm cool like that).


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