June 12, 2012


You ever wonder where your time goes?  I know I barely ever just sit around doing nothing.  Somehow though, it seems like I can't ever remember what is keeping me so busy.  I just know I am.  Good thing I take pictures because they help me remember exactly what I've been doing.

In the past few days I have...

Created a custom card for some newlyweds-to-be.  She is his queen bee. ;)  
You can see (bottom right picture) for some reason I had a really hard time making the bee bodies.  I have a bunch of not quite right body shapes I will save for something someday.

Started a new quilled portrait using pantone colors.
I hope I don't hit a mental brick wall with this one.  It's for my first-ever quilling class.  SO excited!

Created a top-secret owl project for another book.
He's quite adorable (but I'm partial) and I hope that he is loved.

Made a custom anniversary card for a timbal-playing salsa-lover. 
I used my personal favorite salsa as the lyrics for the background (because I don't know the recipient's fave song).  It was the first song hubby and I danced at our wedding.  I still turn it up loud any time it shows up on my music shuffle.

Filled a few card orders, including this 4-card one.

My family and I also assisted a wonderfully uplifting 3-day convention this weekend.  It was full of great family advice and practical tips on daily life matters.  PHEW!  No wonder I'm tired.  I still have another project which involves a canvas!  I hope to get that one done by week's end.  We'll see what happens.

How is your week treating you?  Just remember, through it all, stay SWEET!