June 8, 2012

Garden Gnomes and Matryoshkas

So happy to bring you this post!  The awesome craft geeks at Fabulous Publishing have started creating some majorly cool how-to e-books, by crafters for crafters.  The fist two titles are "Garden Gnomes" and "Matryoshkas".  How many ways can you make a garden gnome or a matryoshka?  Well, you'll be happy to find out that EACH book has 13 projects with full instructions on how to create your very own crafty goodness.

Here's a peek of the Garden Gnomes book:

And a peek of the Matryoshka book:

Seriously, that dish towel is calling my name, and those cupcake toppers...what?!  The books have paper crafts, needle felting, embroidery, even FULL GROWN costumes and much, much more!  Yeah, they're that awesome.  Wanna know the best part?  You can win a copy of your own!  Woot, woot!

For a chance to win a copy of either book, please leave a comment with your book preference AND like Fab Pub's Facebook page here.  There will be one winner chosen for each book so, TWO winners!  YAY!
To follow along on the book tour, feel free to visit the following sites:

·      Margot Potter- http://www.margotpotter.com
·      Joanna Montrichard- http://www.thatthingimade.blogspot.com
·      Vikram Goyal- http://www.craftgossip.com
·      Kathleen Dames- http://www.kathleendames.blogspot.com
·      Samantha Townsend- http://www.geekysweetheart.blogspot.co.uk
·      Redd Hynes- http://www.damenamedredd.com
·      Renee Lavinsky- http://www.myuglykitty.com
·      Val Hebert- http://www.valsartstudio.blogspot.com
·      Jessica Blaszczak- http://www.ballstonarts-craftsmarket.blogspot.com
·      Shayne Rioux- http://www.transcraftinental.com
·      Leesandra Diaz- http://www.sweetspotcards.blogspot.com - YOU'RE ALREADY HERE!
·      Jo Stafferton- http://www.feelingstitchy.com
·      Lori Anderson- http://www.prettythingsblog.com
·      Paul Hynes- http://www.g33kopolis.com
·      Alexis Lebrow-Wolf- http://www.whatthecraft.com
·      Chrissy Leiberan-Titus- http://www.museofthemorning.com
·      Susan Beal- http://www.westcoastcrafty.com
·      Sherezada Windham-Kent- http://www.handeyemouth.blogspot.com
·      Shayne Rioux- http://www.geekcrafts.com

These are only the first two titles, there are already tons more in the works with various popular themes.

Winners will be announced next week!  
Have a SWEET and awesome weekend, my peeps!