April 16, 2012

Spring Fever

It happens to me every single Spring where I am SO excited that the days are longer and warmer that I overdo it.  Every-single-time.  But, it's always worth it.  I spent the weekend spring cleaning.  That means that I changed curtains, cleaned windows and tortured my boys and hubby to do a whole bunch of stuff they'd much rather not do.  I have to say that hubby has grown so accustomed to my psychosis that he doesn't even flinch anymore.  On Saturday, after cleaning all day, I asked him to take me to Target and he was like, "ok, get dressed".  That would probably not have happened that way years ago.  See ladies, if you're nice to your hubby, they get used to your craziness and just go with it.

I made new curtains for my living room after I fell in love with a fabric I found on pinterest.  I hunted it down for the cheapest price I could find and then sewed me some new pretties.  My mom (who taught me to be psycho) found the perfect companion pillows at Crate and Barrel and bought them for me. ♥

I was a bit trepidatious about the fabric because it's really bright, and even though I LOVE color I don't want my house to look like a Ringling Brothers lounge.  Thankfully, since all of the rest of the stuff in my living room is pretty basic, I think they look great.

Here is before:

Here is after:  

I had already changed the lamps during the Winter and we had painted the door last Summer when we did this.  I also decided to use the table as a computer desk for the kids.  I don't believe in having internet connections in kids' rooms.  Too much danger on the net.  Needs to be out in the open where I can keep an eye on them.  

Everything else is exactly the same except I also changed some artwork I had up on the wall over the bench.  I decided to put up a mirror.  One, because I couldn't find any artwork I liked and two, because mirrors add more light to rooms and I love light!  Also, I can see my curtains in the mirror from the larger sofa. :)



The lilacs are from my backyard.  They are KILLING me.  I mean itch to the max.  But I don't care because they're pretty and SO short lived.  :(

And, being that I was cleaning the windows, I redid the window boxes with some flowers which I can see from my living room window.  As I was cleaning the window the entire pane fell right on my head.  Now I know what a whack-a-mole feels like.  But, that too was worth it!

Today I spent the morning trying to clean up the front lawn.  But my allergies are truly being mean so I had to come back inside.  I wish I had no physical limitations!  I'd be a force to be reckoned with.

 I might just be a bit more irregular with my blog posts simply because I love Spring and I need to be out and about.  Also, I have a few meetings to attend and I have to try and focus on being a professional adult (I know, that sucks).  I hope to share details of the upcoming projects soon (if I am legally permitted to).  And I hope you are all enjoying your delicious Spring weather and gearing up for a fabulous Summer.

So, that's what I've been up to (besides some book projects and a large card order).  
What about you guys?  

Stay SWEET my peeps!


  1. I love the new look, but then I also loved the before pics. Change is good though. :) I know what you mean about allergies - oy, so much pollen, my car is practically lime green!

  2. love the way you decorate your room! very fresh looking, can smell the sunshine of it!


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