April 18, 2012

Oh Snap

I have SO much quilling to do that I have no time to write you my usual lengthy post.  So I am sharing some snapshots of a few things.

The first two are pictures of clients using my cards as home decor.   This seriously made my day!

This is a frame with my Vintage Camera Cards.

This is a special framed keepsake a client made for her special someone using my "Up"- inspired card.
(Please pardon the quality, it's a phone-to-phone picture.)

And I found this picture on Paper Craft Magazine's Facebook Page
which I thought made a good point about greeting cards, especially handmade ones:

Here is a work in progress of 100 custom camera cards for a photog:
200 tiny boxes

100 camera bodies and lenses

And here are some pics from my garden I snapped on Monday:

Killer Lilacs

Strawberry Blossoms

If any of you have purchased cards from me and would like to share what you've done with them, please e-mail me!  I hope your week is moving along snappily. ;)

Keep it SWEET!


  1. i like how the vintage camera cards are turned into a piece of art by framing them up! good day to you!

  2. love the cameras in the frame, and lovely flowers.
    a lot of piece work for your cameras.
    love your works!!!!

  3. Love the framed cameras! I am very happy for you!
    And looks like a lot of work to be done on the new cameras:)
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. How cool is that about your framed cameras! 100 teeny cameras - wow, that's a lot. I'm positive the photographer will LOVE them.


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