April 25, 2012

Working hard or hardly working?

I don't know what's up with me but I tend to completely spaz out whenI have deadlines.  I have to finish my cameras and start on other projects (which also have deadlines) and I am sitting here reading Facebook and blogs.  WITW?  I feel like slapping myself the way Cher slaps the guy in "Moonstruck".  SNAP OUT OF IT, SANDY!

It doesn't help that my stupid (ancient) e-mail was hacked and I had to spend literal HOURS of my life reading through forums in order to figure out how to regain access to a blocked account.  Thanks, MSN, you made my complete transition into gmail super easy!

Anywho, I am not even half-way but I'm ALMOST half-way. :D  Yeah, I'm not buying it either. Here are a few cute pics I took.  (Because I was wasting time doing that, too!)

Pray for me!