March 28, 2012

Wedding Season

As we all know, wedding season is starting up.  I was asked to create a special wedding card inspired by another one of my designs I talked about here.  It took me all morning because everything has to be perfectly placed and just right.  The teeny tiny bling in the middle of each tiny punched flower was placed by hand with tweezers.  (Sometimes even I think I'm crazy.)  It looks a lot like the other design except this one is all white.  I love that it's in a box.  Imagine these as wedding invitations?  WOW!  That would be awesome.  But, don't ask me!  Seriously, you'd have to pay me A LOOOOOOT of moolah to even think about that!  There is no way I'll ever make a whole slew of these.  Lol!  Just putting it out there.

Anyway, here it is:

It's so cool how all white can be so varied.  I love that about the card.  There are shiny papers, vellum papers, embossed ones and then there are hand cut strips with frayed edges.  There are punched flowers, quilled flowers and then strips I cut out with my digital cutter and twirled to create a variation on quilled flowers with petals.  

I really hope the bride and groom love it and keep it for a long time to come.

I hope your week is moving along without a hitch! ;)


  1. Amazing work!!! Looks so beautiful and elegant, love it!!!

  2. sooooo beautiful!! your cards are so special!!!

  3. very elegant!!! i haven't tried white on white yet. i think it's not easy. But you did a wonderful piece!

  4. Hey,

    Its beautiful..white on white is tough to pull off without it looking bland...

    I can imagine the time an patience it must have taken you to make this and you MUST charge aloootttt of moolah for cards..LOL...

    -May ART be with you.

  5. Love the fine details. Love the monochromatic, elegant look.


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