March 27, 2012

The things you do for love

So, last night (yup, on a Monday night) we had a party.  A full blown smoke machine/strobe light/glow stick party.  Wanna know what the occasion was?  It was Madonna's new CD listening party at Casa de Diaz.  It was a collaborative effort orchestrated by my Madonna-loving hubby.  But, I had to make it special because he tries his hardest to make every one of my days special.  (Oh crap, this is one of those Sandy-gushing-about-her-husband-posts - YUP!)  

I used my new baby (my Canon Pixma) to print out some fab pics of her new album cover.  I went over to Party City and got a bunch of balloons in album-cover-coordinating colors (and drove home on the highway with ZERO visibility).  And I bought a tub of 100 glow sticks (best spent $25 EVER).  I also found a Picasa web album with pics of Madonna that we could watch scroll on our tiny flat screen TV as we sat and listened to her wail, I mean, err...sing! (I had to take at least ONE jab.)

We had some close friends come over and take part in the festivities.  One brought the lights and the smoke, another brought my hubby's favorite rainbow cookie cake, another some Argentinean red wine (our fave) and everyone chipped in for some delish Greek food from our local place (hey, we gotta eat).

We started out with old videos.  Man, I can't lie, I love me some classic Madonna.  And we all got up and danced to the Vogue video when it came up.  Yup, a LOT of us actually knew the steps.  Of course, I've gotten a lot of private lessons from hubby. ;)

My boys had a blast and even commented it was the best party ever.  (Aww, shucks.)  It was a lot of fun.  We even played double dutch and jump rope with our glow sticks!  It was amazing how creative people got with those things.  One made a headband.  My son made the Yankee logo and taped it to his shirt.  Another one made glasses for hubby...

Now, as far as the album.  Well, I didn't hate it! (That's good).  So far my fave songs are "Girl Gone Wild" and "Turn up the Radio".  I guess I have to hear it over but I did like a lot of the beats.  (Downloading to iTunes now...)  It's apparently and anger and hurt filled album dedicated to her ex-husband.  Hey, anger is good fuel sometimes!  Now I have to learn the songs so we can get down and sing along when we go see her concert in Boston in September.  We wanted Yankee Stadium at first but that is an open stadium and you can't trust what the heck weather is going to be like lately.  Am I right?

So, in paper related news...oy vey!  I have exactly 127 cards and one collage to make STAT!  LOL!  So, let me shut up and stop typing and start twirling.

A huge welcome to all the newbies and I hope you like stopping by and reading the sweetness here.  May your week be full of spontaneous fun and lots of love!

Keep it sweet and pop-filled! ;)  

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  1. Ha ha ha.. Great description . Looks like u had real blast.

    Best wishes.


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