March 29, 2012

The waiting game

So, I took a huge leap of faith and applied to a very popular craft fair in Brooklyn.  I have never done a craft fair in my life so I just jumped into this. I figured go big or go home.  It's a juried fair and I have heard it's really hard to get into it.  So, I waited for weeks and tried hard to fool myself into "not thinking about it".  Today was D-day and I swear I checked my phone like 10 times to see if I had been accepted.  Well, I finally got the e-mail and...  I've been wait listed.

CRAP!  What does that even mean?  Should I be happy it wasn't a flat-out no?  Should I just take it as a no?  How much longer will I have to wait to find out?  My nerves can't take it.  I don't tend to be a planner because (after getting "surprised" with twins) I learned early in life that you can't plan too much.  Life always seems to have a way of throwing you a curveball.  But, I did figure that I'd have a concrete answer today.  "Maybe" is not an answer!  Do I start making inventory just incase they do decide to un-wait list me?  Ugh!  I need carbs!

Speaking of carbs...  (I know, I'm retarded)  I wanted to share some pics of this place my friends and I hit up the other day.  It's in a boro (gasp) that is NOT Manhattan (Double gasp).  New Yorkers are hilarious.  There are those that think that once they live in NYC they never need to venture out into any other boro because it's either "too far" (really?) or they have everything they need right there in Manhattan.  And then there is a TRUE New Yorker (yup, I said it) that really appreciates the diversity that each boro (except maybe Staten Island - sorry) has to offer.  I am, of course, the latter.  Been here most of my life and I love what each place has to offer.

I found this place in the appropriately titled "Boro" magazine.   It's called "Queens Comfort" and it was on a best brunch spot list.  I LOOOOVE me some brunch!

We started off with some tater tot casserole (yeah, I didn't make that up):

And this is what was left of it in less than 10 minutes.

We also had (wait for this)  Captain Crunch French Toast sticks.  Huh?  Yeah.  They were more like crunchy cake sticks.  None of us actually tasted the Captain Crunch.  My friend ordered the custard french toast and that was ta die for!

I ordered a breakfast wrap.  I tend to order those everywhere I go.  They're neat and compact and delicious.  This one was the size of my head and I ate about 1/3 of it.  Hubby got the leftovers and he moaned and groaned the whole way through it.  It also had tater tots, sausage, eggs and cheese. 
 (Yeah, my butt grew just typing that.)

They serve Stumptown coffee (so yummy) in serious my-grandma-had-that mugs.
For real, my grandma actually had these.

My friend had the pulled pork sandwich.  I didn't try the sandwich but the fries were the bomb.  He said it was delish and that he'd be back.  (Coming from him, that is a huge compliment.)

They have mexi-Coke.  I had never tried it just because there is such hype behind it.  I guess I was just "fighting the system".  But, it actually is pretty yummy.  Not as sweet and more seltzer-y.  

They serve you water in mason jars and sit you at communal tables.  So, if you're not anti-hipster then you may just love this place.  It is totally NOT diet-friendly but definitely "comfort" food yummy.

And if you're in that neighborhood then stop by the park at the waterfront and catch a glimpse of "THE Boro of all Boros".  I snapped a few pics while there the other day.  There's something so soothing about water.  Dunno what it is.

In the meantime, I will wait and stay busy and distracted with a large order
 of camera cards I got from a photog.  
I love photogs.  Such cool peeps! 

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I hope you get in! And I know whatever you make for the show will be loved by the public!


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