June 6, 2011

It's a nice day to start again...

Can I tell you that I never ever realized that Billy Idol had so many songs I knew and loved?  How random is that statement?!  Let me give you some background story.

It was my anniversary last week and I have had wedding on the brain.  I guess the fact that its' June is also feeding that.  I've been dying to make a Silly Quilly with a wedding theme but I couldn't get my thoughts together.  I really wanted it to be original and crazy in true Sweet Spot fashion.  I've had two songs playing in a loop in my head.  First, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars (so cute and Glee made me love it more) and second, "White Wedding" by Billy Idol.  Guess who won?  Hee Hee.  The 80's little girl in me still lives and rocks on!

I used a few things as inspiration.  My own wedding invitation which I love till this day.  I think it sums up my relationship with my hubby.  Silly and full of youth.  Then I browsed the internet for ideas.  I always look for cartoons as I feel they are easier to translate into quilling.  Lastly (and certainly not least) I was super inspired by fellow quiller Suzana Ilic from Serbia who made my jaw drop when she created a family timeline made entirely of quilled stick figures...GENIUS!!!

Here is my new silly quilly.  I heart it!

Here are some of my inspirations:

This was my wedding invitation.  I originally wanted
stick figures that said "See, dick, see Jane,  See Dick & Jane get married",
but they were super expensive and these had a similarly cute vibe for a LOT less.

Then I found this cartoon online and it made me LOL:

So, there you have it.  I usually start with a song to inspire me and move on to images and then I create! Today it was Billy Idol.  When I went online to listen to "White Wedding" I saw his catalogue and realized that I think I kinda love him (his songs, that is).  SO, what inspires you in your creative process?  I'd love to hear what makes your creative juices flow...

As always, keep it SWEET, and not artificially! ;)


  1. sweet card, sweet quilling! you hit the sweet spot alright.

  2. Precioso, como todo lo que haces.

    Saludos desde España.

    María Jesús

  3. I am constantly inspired by songs. It mostly starts with a phrase then I think what can I quill that would go with it.

    and I too LOVEEEEE Suzana's quilling

    I also like to use a plain background like you so our styles are very similar.

    LOVE your card by the way

  4. Cute, cute, cute - they look like they are dancing!


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