June 1, 2011

A Bolly Blast!

I'm back (sort of - I'm totally physically out of commission). I had an amazing weekend with my family and friends. My beautiful niece graduated (with honors, might I add). And we had a fabulous time celebrating her milestone as well as our 13th wedding anniversary.

I had my first collaboration working with a family-owned bakery in NC. They created a DELICIOUS cake for the special occasion and I made a cake topper and designed cupcake toppers. (My sister did all the gluing on the toppers so I can't take credit for that). The toppers were all cut out of metallic paper using my Silhouette. The cake topper I made using a craft letter "K" I found at the Paper Source. I painted it gold using regular metallic acrylic paint and then I quilled some designs in metallic papers to mimic the color scheme my sister chose. I then cut a "Mehndi" design on my silhouette to match the one I did for the invitation. The fabulous Bakery of Betty's Breads and Pastries then went ahead and matched all of the frosting colors and icing with metallic frosting. It was so beautiful and equally as delicious.

Everyone was dressed to the nines in Bollywood Bling and there was TONS of dancing. Here are some pics of the cake with paper decor:

There was paper everywhere in this shindig.  My sister made paper pom-poms and attached them to gold spray-painted branches and we made HUGE pom-poms and hung them from the ceiling.  Unfortunately the lighting in the place left much to be desired so the photos are not that great.  But I'm still sharing:

Then there were details with fabrics and trinkets galore.  

A note on the jars.  I came across this blog post and sent it to my sister and she ran with it.  They are reused mason/spaghetti sauce jars!!!  LOVE IT!

And then all the people who got into the Bollywood feel.  Here are some pics of the attendees (just a few):

This is my sister (the proud Mom) and my Momma

Here are some of the boys.  My twins are in the back to the right.
My nephews are the two on the left and the one in the middle is a family friend.
This is the beautiful graduate girl!
My sexy Maharaja hubby (but I know I'm partial).
My adorable nephew who was having the time of his life.

It was super fun but I think I need a week to recuperate now!  LOL!  Can't wait to hear your feedback!

Have a SWEET week!!!


  1. That looks like SUCH a fun party, and your K and toppers are wonderful! I love the tiny crimped paisley teardrops especially, but it's all great.

  2. it is all great, looks like there was a lot of fun going on,nice job!!!

  3. wonderful decorations, and beautiful family.

  4. That cake topper...oh my! Such a great idea. The decorations are amazing and I love LOVE the colors!

  5. Wow you guys sure had a gala time Bollywood style

  6. Thank you all for your comments! It was fun, indeed!


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