June 13, 2011

Bees and Iguanas?

I am fresh out of clever conversation.  I feel like I have been rolling and glueing all day long (because I have been).  I filled some orders and had to take the time to make a few new cards.  I just needed to get the nagging feeling out of my head.  Sometimes it feels like if you let too much time pass your ideas can find their way into somebody else's head.

Here are some sappy romance - inspired cuties:

This one reminds me of the jewel song "You were meant for me".

This one is just silly and funny and makes me think of my hubby when he talks like Ricky Ricardo.

My goal is to keep my shop inventory at over 100 items.  It's been really challenging but I think it's been worth it.  I have to get into my little book of ideas and make them happen  I wish days were doubly long!

Have a super SWEET week y'all!