June 14, 2011

Bring on the Tequila!!

LOL!  You'd think I'm a lush by that statement.  Truth be told I'm a really lightweight when it comes to alcohol but fruity, girly, mixed drinks cheer me up really fast ;)  I've mentioned before how I have the bestest friends in the whole world.  Don't we all feel that way?  Well, we should.  And there's something about getting together with your best buds and having a few drinks and confessing things to each other that bring you even closer.

There's a song called "On the Tequila" by Alanis Morrisette that always makes me think of my friends and especially my hubby because he becomes extra especially hilarious whenever he has some tequila.  Here's my silly quilly in ode to friendships and the occasional necessary alcoholic therapy.

I hope you can all take it all with a grain of salt this week.  The weather here has been so bizarre.  It's actually in the 70's today, which isn't bad, but it's been really cloudy.  Come on sunshine!!!!

Keep the SWEETNESS alive! ;)