May 18, 2011

My Curse

I have a huge curse.  I have had it most of my life.  My tastes never match my budget.  When I was getting married I chose (what I thought was) a super simple gown.  It really was.  No pearly things or lace or baubles... but it was silk :/.  Seriously??!!  Once I went into a jewelry store and was browsing around.  There were tons of huge gaudy jewels.  None caught my attention.  But in one lonely corner of the store there was a beautiful glimmery princess cut diamond ring. It wasn't huge or overly decorated.  I said "Wow, THAT is gorgeous!"  The store clerk laughed heartily and said, "Well, yes that is THE MOST EXPENSIVE ring we have in the store".  For real??!!

It happens to me all the time in every aspect of living.  From my clothes to my shoes to my taste in housewares. (Le Creuset, why do you tease me so?)  IT'S NOT FAIR!!!  Funny enough, I really (TRULY) don't care about labels.  I happen to hate walking around with other people's names attached to me.  I much prefer a simple, classic cut that will last me forever.  (Cue $$$)  Anyway, my mother showed me some curtains the other day and I fell in LOVE!  Smitten heart shaped love.  I have a double window in my living room so I would need two panels.  Not bad, right?  WRONG!  Guess how much said pretty curtains cost?  $119 a panel.  Yes, PER panel.  Seriously??!!

Here they are and I hate them now because they made me mad:
Picture from Crate and Barrel

No, I don't really hate them.  I hate that I can't begin to fathom the idea of paying $238 plus shipping for two curtains.  I had resigned to take off my old curtains and put on a freshly washed and ironed pair.  Then two of my friends suggested that I buy some fabric and make my own.  That was a great idea, I do have a cute little sewing machine, but I can't really sew.  And, I hate to fail.  Even moreso if it involves ruining perfectly good fabric.  But, I bit the bullet.  I googled yellow slub fabric and found this.  But, they didn't have enough yardage available.  So, armed with my newfound knowledge of the fabric's name and manufacturer, I went on the google-hunt for my fabric.  

Long story short-er I made me some curtains y'all!!!  :D  They are far from perfect.  But I did try to stay as straight as possible on the seams.  That is the hardest thing for me,  That and how impatient I am.  SO much measuring and ironing...oy!

Here are my yellow lovies:

I know you want to know how much I saved.  Well, I ordered the fabric for these PLUS the fabric for my dining room curtains and BOTH totaled $65.  SO, I saved $173.  WOOT WOOT!

Now, I feel bad that I talked so much about fabric and zero about paper.  So, I will share some pics of a quilled 25th anniversary card I made as a custom order.  It was inspired by my Winter White Collage.
I think all anniversaries are special.  But to be able to reach 25 years in this society that is so full of disrespect and aversion to marriage it's definitely something worth celebrating out loud!  (Mine is t-minus 12 days and counting - but it'll be number 13, not 25 yet.)

There is no envelope.  I chose a box because the card is very 3D and that way the sender can include a small gift inside.  Its a perfectly packaged present/card combo.

Before the week is up I will be sharing how-to make those cute little loopy flowers.  I love them!

KEEP IT SUPER SWEET!! (But, without added sugar or preservatives). ;)


  1. very lovely, love the box to, what a great idea!!!

  2. Love your curtains! so clever and inexpensive. Your Living Room looks fantastic. That card is beautiful!!!!! TFS and inspiring..
    Me :)

  3. Your room is beautiful! Cheers to saving money... your curtains are every bit as nice as the others. (btw, the scrolly design above the sofa looks very quillable!) Pretty card and I love that it's in a box - more like a keepsake that way.

  4. Te han quedado preciosas las cortinas, todo es ponerse.... y que no tengas paciencia ?? no me lo creo.....

    Preciosa la tarjeta en blanco y muy original la caja.


    María Jesús

  5. lovely curtains... I am impressed. I never have enjoyed sewing. and beautiful card too.

  6. Beautiful curtains!! I too made my curtains but even simpler than yours. I bought the rings attached to little clasps so i pretty much could hang a bedsheet or whatever. You are soooo talented!!

  7. Love the curtains! I have the same curse. I don't care about labels either - I just end up liking the expensive stuff most of the time. LOL.

  8. My mom made the curtains for my bedroom and I love them. They're a cheerful yellow color and the fabric is light so the sunlight gets through in the morning and I love it. I love early morning light (I'm a student photographer, we tend to love early morning Anyway, she made me around 10 panels from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. Sewing was minimal. Just the pocket where the rod goes. Not even a bottom hem because the panels fall on the floor in a puddle so you can't see the bottom anyways. The fabric was on sale so I got 10 "ceiling to floor" panels for about $30-$35 USD. They look awesome and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'm glad that you didn't waste your hard-earned money in expensive curtains when you can make something similar for wayyyyyyyyyy less. Now you can save that money in your vacation funds ;-)


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