May 6, 2011

Paper Accessories

Who knew this was such a hot thing?  I honestly started making my paper rings because part of me felt sad at the thought that only 2 people would see the paper blossoms on my cards.  I figured that if I made something wearable with them, more people would get that pop of happiness that they bring me.  I had no idea that it was actually a trend now to make jewelry out of paper.  Although, I can see why, I mean, paper ROCKS!!!

I have been on a creating crusade of (what I think are) unique and stylish color combinations of paper and beads and jewelry forms. Let me know what you think.  Here are some of the rings I've made:

I has started out with making poppies but, inspired by the prospect of lots of blooming roses and peonies in my garden, I decided to make these.  I still don't know if they are roses or peonies, but, because they are made of paper, I don't really have to choose, right?

I hope you love them as much as I do.  
Most are still available in my shop under Paper Flower Rings.

As if rings weren't enough I think I may have gotten carried away (tee hee) and I decided to make hairpins as well.  I love these guys.  I have bought some in Anthropologie made of plastic cabochons and I paid quite a bit for them (a la Anthro) but I think mine are better cuz....yup....PAPER!!! ;)

These are in my shop here.

Have a SUPER SWEET weekend and remember, EVERY day is a special occasion!!


  1. WOW they are gorgeous, do you seal them with anything?, bet they are a great seller, good luck with them!!!!

  2. I LOVE your rings!!!! The color combinations are vibrant and beautiful!!
    Hugs, antonella :-)


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