April 20, 2011

My field of paper flowers

I have been all over the place but I can always somehow find my center with flowers, real or paper.  I have been working on a few smaller sized paper flowers and had no idea what to do with them once I was done.  I didn't want to put them on a card like I usually do.  I felt that after all the work they needed a more special place to live, like on a person, maybe?

Cue, my new fetish, and yes, it has quilling:

I have a weird relationship with poppies.  They are one of the flowers I can't seem to grow.  I find them so beautiful with their airy nature and super bright colors.  I can imagine being surrounded in a beautiful field of them.  But, for now I will be in my field of paper poppies.  

I was so excited to see that I was not the only one in a poppy mood.  I got my May edition of Martha Stewart Living in the mail this weekend and guess what flower is being featured throughout?  Yup!  The pretty poppy.  I think I might give them a try again in my garden....

(Images from Martha Stewart.com)

I'm super elated that everything is blooming and growing.  Hopefully hubby and I will spend some time cleaning up the garden this weekend.  If it doesn't rain again, that is.

Have a SWEET week!!


  1. Turned out lovely ,like the ring idea pretty sharp!!!

  2. beautiful paper flower!!
    Nati from Brazil

  3. I've never grown poppies but they are stunning! Your rings turned out great!


  4. Pretty! Love that shiny red one especially - just like the real thing.

  5. I love your idea and the pretty flower ring! Your paper poppy is stunning, just perfect. The shade of red is gorgeous! ~Molly

  6. Preciosas, delicadas pero a la vez con mucha fuerza. Simplemente maravilloso.

    María Jesús

  7. Thank you all for your positive feedback! I think I've found a new obsession (at least for a little while).

  8. I about lost my breath when I read that you loved Poppies and could not grow them.

    I have been trying to grow them for years! I mean years.... My grandfather had the most beautiful Orange Oriental Poppies in his garden. He gave me some seeds one year and told me just to toss them in my flower bed and they would grow like a weed. I think that was 15 years ago. I have tossed, have thrown, buried, planted and bought already started and not one poppy anywhere. :-( My husband has tried, my mother has even came over and tried. Nothing. Just not meant to be for me. I have already planted my annual poppy seeds and nothing.

    They are truly my favorite flower in the whole world because they remind me of my grandfather. According to the internet they are easy to grow and like a weed. Ha! Not for me.

    P.S. The rings are beautiful.


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