April 26, 2011

Angry birds

I have been living in this house for over 5 years now and I have NEVER experienced what has been going on for the past week.  I have a very aggressive robin attacking all of my windows (and my car).  It has woken us up at 5am banging (and I mean REALLY hard) on the windows in every room.  I don't know how it hasn't collapsed from a concussion.

I googled it and it seems that it is actually "normal" behavior for when robins are nesting.  They get protective of their territory and when they see the reflection of another bird in the window they take it as a threat.  Well, this is NEWS TO ME!!!  Sheesh!  I had to take some pics of the "angry bird" (tee hee).

Here is Mr. Angry:

I wish the lighting on the pics was better but I was innocently sitting at my desk when I heard the banging and quickly took some snapshots to share.  

I have another angry bird to share.  It's a hawk (I think).  You ever have a hard time finding an accurate answer on the internet?  Well, the bird is either a hawk or a falcon but I couldn't really get a clear answer and the pics I found didn't help me identify a difference.  

Anyway, I was in the park with my boys and my nephew when I saw this huge thing swoop over me in the sky.  I'm really happy I had my telephoto lens because it really is a GORGEOUS bird.

Here is Mr. Angry Bird 2:

I have to be honest, I have heard of eagles and hawks in NYC but I never really imagined they'd be so close.  There is an owl (which I have only heard) in a park behind my house and ONE DAY I will find him.  I can't wait till the day I can finally put a face to the "whooo-ing" that goes on.

I know this was not a paper related post but I just had to share my bird moments with you.  Anybody else ever get an angry robin attacking their windows?  It's kid of scary.  reminds me of the movie "The Birds".  HA! 

Well, I'm off to the park again with my kiddos.  Let's see what else I can find!



  1. Oh my goodness! I am scared of birds, even when they just fly close to me. My son's always telling me, it's just the bird's shadow, you don't need to duck! :) I can't imagine being in your situation. I hope the robin leaves your windows alone soon - maybe you should make them dirty, so it can't see it's reflection :).

  2. I told you he was fighting with his reflection...LOL! The nest must be close to the window so the robin will be there for a while unless you notify the landlord to take the nest away that is close to you window....lol! Now that hawk or falcon is one big bird too- be careful with its talons b/c they can slice you up...

  3. When we lived in PA a male cardinal used to attack our windows. You just have to wait until nesting season is over.
    As for your hawk, I looked in my bird book and think it is a broad winged hawk. Awesome pics!

  4. Awsome pictures, I think the birds like you,lol

  5. We have had a Robin doing the same thing to one of out windows(i googled it also). My window is a mess from mud, because that crazy bird would go to the ground and back up again and crash into it, it did this about 30 times. We had been having many rainy days so our ground is all muddy. I even chased him away and he keeps coming back. I am going to cut out an owl with my cricut and stick it to the window.


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