April 15, 2011

Sun = a happy Sandy!!

I went outside today and did a tiny bit of gardening.  I didn't need a coat!!!  That's a huge deal being that NYC has somehow become Alaska.  I spent a few hours raking the stray leaves and smelling my neighbor's Hyacinths.  They smell amazing but, can I say Achoo??!!  I decided my door needed some color love.

I have had a fabulous picture from Moxie Fab World on my desktop all week waiting for the right time to create something to submit.  Guess what today was?  CREATING DAYYYYYY!!! { - Insert Opera voice}  (Can you tell I'm feeling a bit crazy?)

So, I went at it and made a wreath that I think (no, I'm SURE) I LOOOOVE!  First of all, this week's trigger is totally up my alley with the red and aqua!  Remember, I love those colors??!!  Add some yellow and you have me hooked.  Of course, I had to Sandy-fy it with some birdies and layered paper blossoms.

Here's my beauty:

 Here it is on my actual door:

And here is the fabulous pic that was given by Moxie Fab as a trigger to inspiration:

Can I say I would LOVE to be on that porch right now? 
 It has FIESTAWARE ( I collect Fiesta and I love it!)
Actually, there's nothing wrong in this pic...it's perfect!

Remember, stay inspired and cut that paper!
Keep it SWEET.


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