April 27, 2011

Scrambled Brain

You ever have so many ideas flowing in your mind at the same time that you can't think straight?  It's very frustrating because lots of times I can't even sleep.  But then when the morning comes I am dead tired because I was up all night dreaming up new "amazing" ideas.  By the time chores are done and responsibilities are taken care of I don't really have all that much time to just sit and bring them all to fruition.  Cue frustration...constant frustration.

I have had some fun coming up with new projects.  I mentioned in a prior post that I had been asked by a friend to create a princess inspired piece of artwork for a little girls' room.  She gave me two small canvasses she got at Target with the cutest woodland theme.  My job was to make a Latina princess to match the woodland theme/creatures.

I have to say, I definitely inhaled WAAAAYYYYY too many Mod Podge fumes.  But it was really fun.  I painted the base of a 20 by 20 canvas and cut out the details from paper.  The pics are very poor as I took them in a very dimly lit room with my phone camera, but, you can get the idea.  The little girl screamed in glee.  So, I think I have a happy client!

It's hard to find a suitable non-blonde princess for a little Latina girl.  But it's important that we all feel special and unique no matter what our ethnicity.

Here she is:

She has a pearl bracelet and earrings and her crown has diamonds which are hard to see here.

My favorite part of this project was the fact that the original 2 canvasses were created so whimsically out of scale that I didn't have to worry about sizing  It allowed me to be more creative and channel my inner little girl (which is still very much alive).  The colors are much brighter and prettier in person.  Maybe one day I'll ask my friend to get a good shot of it with a real camera.  Until then, let me know what you think!


  1. Despite your frustration I'd say you did a fabulous job!!

  2. Fantastic job, I can imagine the smile on the girls face when she got it!!!!

  3. Какая красота! Сказочная работа получилась!

  4. It's a beautiful project, Sandy. And I agree with EVERY word of your first paragraph LOL!!

  5. I love your project. It is beautiful. I once did a classroom bulletin board with different pieces clothe to make an outdoor scene much like the one you did.

  6. Bello!
    Super CUTE!!

    You're so talented. :)


  7. That's super girly and very pretty. Great job.

  8. Awesome job, girl! It's wonderful that you stayed true to yourself and was able to create a Latino princess. :-)

    Great job staying consistent with the theme as well!

    Have a nice weekend and a happy Mother's Day!



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