February 18, 2011

Everything Old is New

I love the term "vintage".  Especially because, unbeknownst to me, vintage now encompasses lots of stuff that was common when I was little.  I mean 80's stuff is vintage??!!  If you look up vintage on etsy you come up with pyrex dishes, glass bottles and tin cups.  When I was a little girl that's what we had.  True, my family is the type that can keep things forever and they still look new.  My grandmother who lives in Puerto Rico has a gorgeous mint green buffet that is in mint condition (no pun intended).  Not a single scratch.  Still shiny like the day she must've bought it sometime in the 1950's.  To her it's just where she keeps her dishes.  To me it's CHACHING!  No, I wouldn't sell it, but it is a pot of gold to me.  Retro is the new modern.

Today I went to an antique shop.  Boy, all I could think was that if this shop was in Brooklyn this guy would be out of stock.  He is sitting on 4 floors of retro treasures.  I mean, I was so excited looking at all this stuff and remembering seeing some of these things on my grandmothers dressers or in my great grandmothers kitchen.  It was an awesome hour of looking back in time.

So, as I normally do I took a few pics (with my phone camera) to share.  I did really good and kept control of myself and only spent $20.  But I still keep thinking about all the things I left behind. 

Here are a few vintage treasures:

I love these amber colored bottles.  And the fact that there
was an entire set of different sizes...SO cool!
BOTTLES - I love bottles!!
COLOR in the Kitchen ;)
This one reminded me of the one my grandma still has in PR
Green...I dunno what I'd do with all of these
 but they are great.
This is the Jadeite display.  I stood in front of here for a while. 
The stuff is quite pricey but so pretty.

Cobalt bottles.  GORG!
Hee Hee  I wonder what pictures from this camera look like?
Milk bottles.  Milkmen were way before my time but my mom talks about them.
 Kinda cool to think they brought milk to your door at one time.
 That would help me a lot these days because my kids are like baby cows.
(Yes, I know they are called calves)
This I remember seeing.
This was one of my purchases.  A "vintage" Pyrex dish,
 which is super cute the way I like things.

tin dishes...so awesome!

A vintage typewriter.  Still worked!
I could picture a gorgeous bunch of wildflowers in here. 
So pretty.

This baddy was still in perfect condition and attached
 to a sewing table.  Everything had a place back in the days.

I saw so many things.  There was one in particular that gave me some quill-spiration.  I'll share that next time when I'm back in my studio creating.  For now I'm still chillaxing and taking in the gorgeous weather (60 degrees in February?)  Hey, I'm not complaining.  After all the snow this feels like tropical weather.

Have a SWEET weekend, everyone!

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  1. very nice stuff, I can remember alot of those things that my parents and Grandparents had, thanks for sharing with us!


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