February 12, 2011

Paper Nirvana!!!!

I don't normally post on weekends (I try hard to save those for my family) but I was catching up on my facebook updates and blogs and....(well, you get the picture).  And I came across this:

IT'S ALL PAPER!!! (Sorry I'm shouting but I think it's shout worthy). Artist Mandy Smith created this amazing little movie out of paper props.

Do you see why I love paper?  You can do SO many things with it.  It's only limit is your imagination.  I found some still images on her website as well as an article here (on etsy - because etsy is the bomb).

Here are some more details:

A venus fly trap?  Ingenious!!!

Check out the quilled details of the coat rack.
Look at all the little quilled flowers on the lawn :D

All images are property of Mandy Smith.