February 12, 2011

Paper Nirvana!!!!

I don't normally post on weekends (I try hard to save those for my family) but I was catching up on my facebook updates and blogs and....(well, you get the picture).  And I came across this:

IT'S ALL PAPER!!! (Sorry I'm shouting but I think it's shout worthy). Artist Mandy Smith created this amazing little movie out of paper props.

Do you see why I love paper?  You can do SO many things with it.  It's only limit is your imagination.  I found some still images on her website as well as an article here (on etsy - because etsy is the bomb).

Here are some more details:

A venus fly trap?  Ingenious!!!

Check out the quilled details of the coat rack.
Look at all the little quilled flowers on the lawn :D

All images are property of Mandy Smith.


  1. Wow! It is simply unreal beautifully! Any magic! Really it is all from a paper!

  2. It's hard not to shout ones you see this! Absolutely fantastic. Music is also totally cool.
    Thanks, Leesandra, for sharing this with us!

  3. Wow really amazing, love the video, thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, these are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful creations with us.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  5. Wow! This is so amazing and it looks so cute! I also love the music! It goes so well with the story! I like so much all your posts so in order to stay close to your work, I added your blog in my blogroll. I wonder if you would also want to add me in your bloglist?

    Thanks a lot! Diana from Happy Quilling

  6. wow, these are just magical!

    great post,

  7. WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! This is really a paper master artist!! Love !!!
    Have a marvellous week!

  8. That is just WICKED COOL!!! It does have a small taste of the Beetlejuice about it! Love, love, love it!

  9. Oh MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot believe that is paper... incredible!! hugs, antonella :-)


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