January 11, 2011

Oh January, you are not my favorite.

It's 5:30 EST and it is pitch black outside and SUPER cold.  There is a snow advisory for another 10-16 inches of fluffy stuff.  The garbage has yet to be picked up since the last snow storm.  And I have a growing dread over the potential of being trapped inside my house again, this time without my sisters and niece and nephews to entertain me.  To boot my hubby will be staying in Manhattan overnight so that he can make it in to work in the morning (since he wasn't able to make it in last snowstorm).  So, I don't even have cuddling with my hubby as something to look forward to.  What to do?

Well, I decided to get on my favorite websites and faux decorate my home.  I (thankfully) don't have the need for any of these things.  But, that's the fun part!

For the kitchen (which I love to be happy and colorful like a spring day) I visited Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie (my uber favorite home goods stores).  These are some of the goodies I am coveting:
The cupcake kitchen towel pulls at my heartstrings.  I have absolutely no need for more bowls, but that doesn't mean I can't want them.  I adore the tiny spice jars from Anthropologie.  SO CUTE!  And I absolutely love the bakers from Crate and Barrel (I may make an exception on these - think I might buy them because I can't resist)
Now on to the living room.  I have a very neutral living room.  My sofas are chocolate brown and my walls are "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk).  I also have a chocolate brown wall where my hubby's baby (the flat screen) lives.  My furniture is all light colored wood.  Very organic space and very natural. I happen to LOVE the color green and would love to somehow incorporate it with my chocolate brown and some gray.  I found this pillow at Crate and Barrel and I think I love it because it meshes everything together.  I already have lots of green accessories and the pillow adds the grey I am looking for.  I spent a little while this afternoon "monitor shopping" (window shopping from my monitor) and came up with this collage of fabulous finds from West Elm and Crate and Barrel.  My living room is completely closed off from my kitchen so there would be no color clash.

I've been eyeing the "Andalusia" rug from West Elm forever - still way too expensive.  I think the gray with the yellow and the little hints of green would be great.  I'm also in love with the glass bottles from West Elm.  They have all 3 colors!!!  Notice the heart shape of the collage? ;)  LOL!

If I ever decide on redoing the living room I'll post pics when I am done.  But, if the weather has it's way I will not be out of the house or in the mood to redecorate anything for quite some time.  Only 20 more days till my least favorite month is over!  WOO -HOO!

I'll leave with some reminiscing from the last storm's activities (a whole 2 weeks ago):

Cuddling at my Mom's house with hubby.

My Camellia trying to bloom despite the frost


This city never sits still

Central Park was PACKED with people

The toy soldier made up entirely of jellybeans

Rock Candy

Make your own muppet!

Matroyshka street vendor

would you like to have a seat at Brooklyn Bridge Park?


  1. 10-16 inches of fluffy stuff, huh? I guess I should remember to not complain when it gets to the 50s here (for only a few days out of a whole year) in Southern California. :-)

  2. Oh wow! I wish! I don't really mind the cold. My least favorite part of winter here is the darkness. MAKES ME CRAZYY!!!! Still wishing for a trip to Cali one day ;)

  3. Hey Sandy, I don't like the darkness that comes with winter as well, mostly as shorter day time over here in Southern California. Glad that summer is here and before you know it, fall will be upon us. So when are you visiting us? ;-)


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