January 7, 2011

Challenge yourself this year!

Among the gajillions of things I want to accomplish this year is to challenge myself constantly.  I can either stay safe in my own little corner of etsy or I can venture out and try new things.  I read this article today that challenges all of us to be fearless in our creativity.  I saw this on Tuesday morning and put it in the back of my head as a "maybe I'll do it" but today I decided I WILL do it.  The fact that it decided to snow again was definitely a contributing factor.  An all white challenge on a day full of white seemed very fitting.  I have seen this style before but I thought I'd never be able to do it because it seemed SO amazingly detailed...it was.

Why did I choose a heart?  I happen to love hearts.  When I was about 13 I went to a street fair in Little Italy and got a fake tattoo of a heart.  When I was in grade school I decided that my signature should be a heart.  And when I got married my hubby stole my heart.  (BLAH, that made me nauseous - LOL)  But I DO love him!  I just thought a heart seemed fitting since I've always had a secret love affair with them.

I quilled, fringed and cut some pieces with my Silhouette (after having designed the files to cut).  I also punched a few flowers out to fill in smaller spaces because my wrist could not bear to twist anymore.  I have to say I do love the way it came out and I'm happy to have something to submit.  I feel accomplished because I challenged myself and rose up to that challenge.

I'd love to hear your comments and I encourage all of you paper lovers to rise up to this challenge as well.  It is open for submissions until Sunday the 9th.  GO FOR IT!!!

Here's my finished product:

This is my hidden "S" for Sandy.

This is what today looked like

And here is the trigger that Moxie Fab World gave everyone, it's absolutely gorgeous: