January 17, 2011

Ice Cream and Chocolate

I may complain a lot about the winter and perhaps about a lot of other things.  But, I have the BEST people in my life!  Last week I was taken out to a nice dinner with some friends (and hubby, of course).  It was a great change of pace as we usually only go out on weekends.  We had dinner in the city and I was super happy just to have gotten out of my routine.  BUT, being that the people in my life are SO fabulous, the night wasn't over!  I was given the excuse that "another stop had to be made".  I was cool with it.  After all, I had had a nice drink to relax me ;).  Who's in a rush?

So, we drove and we crossed the park (Central Park) and I was happy just to sit and take in the view.  We wound up around Columbus Circle and we (weirdly) stopped in front of the Beacon Theatre.  Sarah McLachlan was playing and I said to myself "oh cool, Sarah McLachlan".  I really thought nothing of it when suddenly my hubby parked and jumped out of the car and handed my girlfriend and myself tickets to that night's show.  Awesome, right? First thing I said to her was "we did good, right"?  (Referring to the fact that our hubbies rock).  We enjoyed the show.  It was perfect after-dinner music.  Just nice and relaxed.  Might I say that this woman's voice is AMAZING.  She sounds EXACTLY like she sounds on her recorded songs.  (I was going to say records but that doesn't really exist anymore, right?)

Sarah has inspired my crafting in the past. (She covered the Beatles' song and I loved her rendition of it even more than theirs).  As an ode to her and the wonderful night I had I decided to create two silly quillies inspired by the lyrics to her song (my favorite) "Ice Cream".  In it she says "Your love is better than ice cream, it's better than anything else that I've tried"  and then she goes a step further and says "Your love is better than chocolate".  Well, I DO agree that my hubby's love is better than anything else that I've tried  So, as an ode to Sarah and to my honey, here are my silly quillies:

The heart shaped cherries make me chuckle.
I could almost smell the delicious chocolate with cherry (or strawberry) swirl.

I didn't think it was enough to just talk about the performance.  So I decided to include the video I took of Sarah (and the audience) singing Ice Cream.  It's a good thing I always have my little camera in my purse or I would've missed it.  (Please pardon the shaking camera and all the rude New Yorkers passing right in front of me.)  Enjoy!!

Have a SWEET week!! ;)