January 6, 2011

Juggle Juggle and thank you!

I know that a lot of you out there are stay at home moms.  While I have been in this "profession" for well over 11 years (with a few work breaks in between), it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it can be to juggle life.  I literally spent about 3 hours in "the dungeon" (that's what I call my kids' room).  And I am still trying to conquer the laundry monster.  He is a big big bad ugly monster.

My studio/office space has become my refuge from the reality of chores and responsibility.  I think I like it in here WAY too much!  It's a space where I can be me and a space that includes everything I like.  Thank goodness for crafting!

So, after the crazy lady meltdown I just had downstairs I can come up here and breathe (if only for a little while - until the laundry is done and the next load needs tending).  I came up to check my e-mail and twitter and facebook and I saw that I had been featured in 3 treasuries.  It's the little things that keep me grounded (and sane). ;)  Thanks to all of you who have featured me in one way or another and for the support you've all given to this crazy mommy who is struggling to juggle.

Here are the 3 treasuries:

This treasury is from etsy shop mimxoxo 
(who just so happens to be the awesome team leader of the pqteam on etsy (pq for paper quilling)

This is a great quilling treasury (with THREE of my cards) from brand new etsy shop thelittlestream

This treasury is the cutie patootiest get well treasury from etsy shop LazyTcrochet

Go check out these shops.  You never know if you might find something you absolutely HAVE to have.

Oh!  One more thing.  Check out this feature on hearthandmade's blog.  For those of you who have been following me and wonder what I look like (since I strive to keep a modicum of privacy)  there is a pic of me.  You can finally put a face to the cards ;)


  1. Congrats on being featured in those treasuries! Your banana peel card is so 'punny' =)

    I really enjoyed reading the post on hearthandmades. It was interesting getting to know the person behind the cards, and your love for your family really shines through.

    Keep on making those lovelies!

  2. Thank you, Yuenie! You keep up your creativity as well!


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