January 21, 2011

"As long as I'm living"...

I've blogged about my kids getting older and how amazed I am at how time flies.  I've even put pics of their growth for all to see.  When my babies were born, I was unprepared (to say the least).  I had no idea how I was going to handle the responsibility.  I still felt like a kid myself (that has yet to go away).  I was so involved in being organized and keeping everything clean and tidy that, much to my dismay, I missed out on a lot of time of just being with my babies.  I wish I could do it all over again, only with what I know now.  But, sadly, we don't get parental do-overs.  I do think I've done the best that I can, and I've tried to adjust my OCD enough so that I don't spaz out at every mess that is made.  I even try hard not to HAVE to do the dishes immediately after dinner, just so that we can all sit at the table and prolong our conversation.

When the boys were babies, I used to read to them a lot.  They were even potty-trained with a book! LOL!  There was one book I remember reading that describes what it feels like to be a mom in such a loving way.  It's called "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.  One of the main lines is "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."  So my kids are literally an inch shorter than me (which is not THAT tall yet because I'm a typical "shorty" Latina).  I used to have them stand on a bench in order to brush them or put their ties on.  Now, I have to stand up and my shoulders hurt from stretching after doing it.  But no matter how tall they get or how their voices are changing "my babies they'll be."  With that sentiment in mind (and the typical "Sandy twist"), I made a silly quilly.  And, then, I made another one because I was on a roll (padum-ching!).

Here they are.  I tried hard to make an original owl shape.  It was very hard because there are tons of amazing and talented quillers out there.  I love my colorful owls (if you've been reading Sweet Spot for a while, you know I have a thing for them).

I'd also love to hear your feedback!

On another note, I have special news!  My next post will be my 100th blog post.  WOW!  I can't believe I've had that much to say - LOL!  I'd love to do another quilling blog hop, and I have some amazing quilling blog candy that I'd like to include.  BUT (here's where you all come in), I need my fellow quilling bloggers who are interested to let me know if you'd like to participate.  You can comment below or you can e-mail me at sweetspotcards@gmail.com.  I'd love to have an international quilling blog hop, so it's open to any quiller anywhere in the world.  Feel free to share the news.  
I look forward to your e-mails and comments! 

Have a SWEET weekend!!