January 29, 2011

Life is Sweet!

Well, the day has finally arrived!  Welcome to our first-ever international blog hop. WOO-HOO!  (Pause and wait for clapping to stop.)

I am so excited because I was able to get, at least, one quiller from each continent.  This shows just how popular quilling has become.  You can go all over the world and find someone doing it.  The theme that I gave everyone was "Life is Sweet."  Now, that can really mean anything to anyone.  I asked everyone to create something that made their life sweet.  It didn't, literally, have to be a sweet, just something that contributed to their happiness.

In my case, it is actually literally sweet.  My family and I have a thing for cupcakes (if you couldn't already tell from my blog images).  We have made up what we've coined as "cupcakes tours" of various states we've visited.  I think we have tried the vast majority of the popular cupcake shops here in NYC (and some of the not-so-popular ones).  There's just something about those little cute morsels of yumminess that brings a smile to all our faces -   especially, since it's become a family affair.

I have MANY quilling books.  One of my faves is Alli Bartkowski's "Paper Quilling for the first time."  At the end of the book she features various quilling artists.  I LOVE looking at other quillers' work.  In particular, I fell HEAD OVER HEELS with an image of Sherry Rodehaver's "Bakery."  (I wish I could find an image to share, but I wasn't able to locate one).   I can stare at the picture forever.  I've had the book for a while and I even bought a shadow box to attempt my version of a cupcake shop.  The shadow box has been in my supply closet for well over a year; and I thought this hop would be the perfect time to get myself together and make my cupcake shop happen.

I started working on it on Wednesday, and I soon realized that I had bitten off much more than I could chew.  LOL!  But, I said I'd challenge myself more so I didn't give up (and I begged my neighbor - and fellow paper addict Andrea - to come help me build my cupcake refrigerator because I was about to throw the whole thing out the window).  No worries, it probably wouldn't have gotten ruined since there is SO much snow on the ground here that nothing gets hurt.

Ok, ok, I know... you want to see it!

Here it is:

I hope you love my little bakery, and that you're ready to see a bunch of amazing projects.  

Your next stop on the blog hop is the fabulous "My Quilling Nest," by LINDA (a fellow New Yorker).  She was, also, the first person to invite me on a blog hop and hosted 
the first-ever quilling blog hop.  

Here is your blog hop list from start to finish.  If you get lost along the way, or if someone doesn't have their project ready, you can come back here and get back on track:

Special thanks to my wonderful Silhouette machine for doing more than I ever knew it could do (all the background embellishments were cut with it), and to my bestest fellow paper buddy, Andy.  (You helped me make my dream come true!  
Thanks for understanding me!  YAY!)

Oh, I almost forgot!  I have blog candy!!!!  It's a quillers tool that not many quillers have 
(I just got one myself).  It's a 45-degree quilling fringer.  
You can use it to make fabulous fringed flowers like these:
Image courtesy of Inna's Creations at http://increations.blogspot.com/  
A random drawing from all of the comments posted will be done
and announced on February 11th, 2011.
Check back and see if you've won!
Have a SWEET day, and enjoy the blog hop!